Publishing Services

Services for publishers and self-publishers

Copy sampling

No time to read manuscripts? Let us provide an objective report with comments and suggestions.

Copy editing

From basic formatting and error correction to major restructuring, condensing and rewriting, we will work to your brief and house style to produce a clear and engaging manuscript.

Proofreading and checking

Printed proofs marked up with textual corrections plus checking of page layouts, images, page numbering, headings, tables of contents and indexes.


Professional indexing of all printed works to suit the project budget and the space available.

Design and page layout

We can handle all aspects of typesetting, page layout, scanning and image processing, proofing and proof correction. We can then liaise with your printer to produce print-ready files to their specification, or we can arrange and manage the print for you.

Picture research

Whether drawn from stock imagery or professional photo libraries, we will find the best images to suit your project and budget.


Working from author sketches or existing material, we can provide original illustrations in a style to suit your publication.

Project management

Why not let us handle the entire project from start to finish? We will work with your commissioned author and handle all aspects of submission, scheduling, editing, design and page layout, proofing and print production. We will follow your brief and house style to produce print-ready files, or finished books, to your specification, schedule and budget.


Services for businesses and other organisations


Company literature

From customer magazines and newsletters to user guides, training manuals and company histories, all material will be produced in line with your corporate branding and house style.

Product brochures and catalogues

From simple leaflets and advertisements to glossy brochures, full product catalogues and stock lists.



Our complete range of editorial services is available to other organisations, regardless of their size or field of expertise. We can help you with:

• prospectuses

• brochures

• newsletters

• diaries and work books

• training and instruction booklets

• policy documents

• and all other forms of paper communication.